Churchill Old Boys

The best  thing to do is to get started on the idea

Bak Zim Charity work in partnership with the Churchill Old Boys

As a group of Former Churchill boy we have seen it worthy to create a platform that can help transparency and accountability platform on projects we have reached out to help here and there.
We have managed to help each other during illness and personal grieving by contributing funds.Our biggest achievements  have been helping the school in field maintenance projects, mentorship ,funding of some school trips and assisting with school fees .
The BAK  projects and programs are very much  interlinked with the school as we have a formal partnership that allows us to use the school grounds as it is a fully registered charity that has a PVO.As we have a lot of the Churchill Old boys supporting the BAK Scholarship programme by paying for Children $10 a term it was a no brainer to join the two
Members can join as donors or subscribers. as a agreed you pay $5 a month  .
It is hoped that we will grow when another group is formed that goes to the wider Churchill Family
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A starting point to support each other and school projects

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